Can't believe it's time for the March TUSAL already.  I've been so busy knitting and stitching that time has just flown by.  I must remember to get the camera out and take some project pictures for you.  Meanwhile here's my ORT jar.  You can see there's lots of yarn in there from mittens, a scarf, 2 dish cloths and a couple other things.  Yes, I'm working on a new pair of socks.  Sewing projects included a tote bag and a couple of quilt samples for a local store.  Cross stitching finds me working on Page 4 of the BIG project alternating with a smaller-yet big- seaside picture. 

The new moon has come and gone, almost unnoticed. HeeHee--get it??. But alas, I have remembered my ORT jar and taken a picture just in time. 
Lots of hours represented in this jar!.  But not all from cross stitching.  I've also been knitting and sewing a lot.  That makes for a variety in my threads.  I'm also contemplating how to use the ORTs in a creative way in my fiber/bead/quilting art.  There might be a picture for that coming soon.

Lest I be accused of slacking, there is another pair of socks in the works and I have my eye on a sweater pattern.
I finished my Kindle cover last night.  What a learning experience!  Entrelac knitting, I-cords, attached I-cords, 3 needle bind off, I never knew there were so many things beyond basic knit and purl.

I also started pg. 3 on the BIG cross stitch project.  I really ought to get an updated picture to show you.  It's beginning to look like something.
Tootles for now.  Gotta get back to my stitching.
Wow!  For a retired person I sure have been busy.  My business is picking up a bit, including designings a couple websites.  It takes time to get them going, lots of fiddling around with pictures, resizing, and content.  And I started a new part-time job at the local fabric and yarn shop.  Boy was I tired last night when I got home from my first full day.  But it was lots of fun! 
I have been stitching in the evenings and some afternoons.  I have decided to work on the BIG cross stitch project in the afternoons and save evenings for smaller things that don't take so much concentration (DH expects me to be watching TV with him).  I did finish a WIP a couple nights ago.
I picked this kit up at a garage sale early last summer and thought it looked like a fun project and the price was right - I think it was all of $.50, maybe a dollar.  Everything was there and I got busy sorting the floss colors right away.  After finishing all the crosses, the daunting task of outlining began.  So many lines on the pattern was confusing but eventually it got done.  In looking back, I think I should have done some of the outlining as I finished a section then I wouldn't have put it off and the picture would have been finished much sooner.

< A cute little pot of flowers I found in a craft magazine.  It will make a cute journal cover.

A progress report on my BIG >
project.  I'm almost halfway thru the 2nd page of directions.  The holes you see need a color I don't have.  As soon as I get it I can fill them in.
I know it's January but my cherry tomato plant seems to be so happy taking over the dining room table that it keeps giving me little tomatoes.  I don't have the heart to get rid of it when it's doing this well. 

And finally a day early,  my ORT jar picture for TUSAL.  I can't believe how many old ratty threads I've collected this month.  If you're wondering about ORT's and TUSAL check out this link.

I heard a new term yesterday:  "confetti stitching".  Have you heard of it?  Well, I did some research and found that it refers to those loney single cross stitches that are "out there" all by themselves.  Do you trail your thread out to them, making the back look messy or do you stop and start each one separately to look nice on back?  I've haven't decided which camp I hail from, guess it will be decided on a project by project situation. 
Last night I got busy and finished 9 of 10.  Only one more to go.  This photo shows where I started last night.    You'll have to look at the pic below to see the finished stitching.

And here I am well into 10 of 10 which I started late last night.  I decided to work on the blended filiment stitches first to get them out of the way.  As I'm stitching, I'm daydreaming about my next project.

I've  been practicing for TUSAL 2012!  This is my jar since Thanksgiving, a little bit of knitting and a lot of cross stitching.  Still looking for my pretty glass jar to display them.

Ok, if hubby is going to wrap Christmas gifts (well, put them in gift bags) then I better get the tree up.  We have a tiny living room so our tree is also tiny.  It's about 2.5 ft. tall and decorated mostly with beaded things.  He wanted to know how many things I've gotten him so he could keep things kind of even.  I giggled and said none yet.  Of course, he didn't believe me but...  I haven't.hahaha!
I'm planning on getting some things next week as well as make him something. 

Back to my stitch and a Christmas movie.  I love December!

Stitching and more


Yes, I am stitching and yes, trying to blog but it gets frustrating when you write a perfectly good blog off the top of your head and then it gets lost in cyberland.  I KNOW I saved it!  Ok, I feel better now.
I'm practicing for TUSAL 2012 by saving my ORT's.  If that sentence doesn't make any sense to you click on TUSAL 2010 in the side bar.  Next I need to find a pretty glass container to put them in.  If only I'd have known to look last summer when I was going to garage sales, but I'm sure one is just waiting for me my next trip to Caring and Sharing. 
The Christmas ornaments are coming along, I'm about 3/4 done with 9 of 10.  I've had about enough of blending filiments for the time being so I'm anxious to finish 10 of 10.  I like the effect of the shiny filiment but much more enjoy just using floss.  I'll get some pictures up soon. Afterall, it's what I look at first on everyone else's blog.  That's where the inspiration comes. 
After seeing so many cross stitchers doing and talking about HAED's I just had to find out what that's all about.  What beautiful designs!  (Click here.)  I know what my next cross stitch purchase is going to be if I can decide which one.  Of course, until then I have plenty of WIP's and such around here to keep me busy. 
I've also been playing with the appearance of the blog/website.  It seems each time I look at someone else's I see something I'd like to do for mine and then the time playing around and getting it done becomes consuming.  I confess, I sometimes suffer from the "grass is greener" syndrome.
Better get to work, I've got pictures to take and then back to stitching!!!
And a big happy stitching to you, too!!
OK, this lets hope this post doesn't get lost.  Here goes......
What is TUSAL?  For a full description check here:
After looking at several bloggers and seeing what has been happening in the stitching world, I've decided to join the fun.  I never thought of keeping my thread scraps to monitor progress but it looks fun.  And all the stitching projects currently in progress out there in blogland is amazing.  I have been truly inspired to get the needle moving again.  In fact I'm almost
done with Christmas ornament 7 that I just started night before last and can hardly wait to get going again this morning. 
So, Christmas movies-on, needle and floss threaded and ready, computer off.  GO!

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