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Yes, I am stitching and yes, trying to blog but it gets frustrating when you write a perfectly good blog off the top of your head and then it gets lost in cyberland.  I KNOW I saved it!  Ok, I feel better now.
I'm practicing for TUSAL 2012 by saving my ORT's.  If that sentence doesn't make any sense to you click on TUSAL 2010 in the side bar.  Next I need to find a pretty glass container to put them in.  If only I'd have known to look last summer when I was going to garage sales, but I'm sure one is just waiting for me my next trip to Caring and Sharing. 
The Christmas ornaments are coming along, I'm about 3/4 done with 9 of 10.  I've had about enough of blending filiments for the time being so I'm anxious to finish 10 of 10.  I like the effect of the shiny filiment but much more enjoy just using floss.  I'll get some pictures up soon. Afterall, it's what I look at first on everyone else's blog.  That's where the inspiration comes. 
After seeing so many cross stitchers doing and talking about HAED's I just had to find out what that's all about.  What beautiful designs!  (Click here.)  I know what my next cross stitch purchase is going to be if I can decide which one.  Of course, until then I have plenty of WIP's and such around here to keep me busy. 
I've also been playing with the appearance of the blog/website.  It seems each time I look at someone else's I see something I'd like to do for mine and then the time playing around and getting it done becomes consuming.  I confess, I sometimes suffer from the "grass is greener" syndrome.
Better get to work, I've got pictures to take and then back to stitching!!!
And a big happy stitching to you, too!!
OK, this lets hope this post doesn't get lost.  Here goes......

    Vickie Morgan

    I'm a retired music teacher always looking for outlets to satisy my creative needs.  Here in the mountains of Colorado, nature provides lots of inspiration.

    The view from my house, can you see the angel?


    Plus, if you click on this link, you'll automatically receive a gift when you subscribe. I use this site all the time; there are hundreds of all different types of patterns, and there are new patterns added everyday. It's really worth a look.

    TUSAL 2012

    Totally Useless Stich-A-Long.  Join the fun here
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