I heard a new term yesterday:  "confetti stitching".  Have you heard of it?  Well, I did some research and found that it refers to those loney single cross stitches that are "out there" all by themselves.  Do you trail your thread out to them, making the back look messy or do you stop and start each one separately to look nice on back?  I've haven't decided which camp I hail from, guess it will be decided on a project by project situation. 
Last night I got busy and finished 9 of 10.  Only one more to go.  This photo shows where I started last night.    You'll have to look at the pic below to see the finished stitching.

And here I am well into 10 of 10 which I started late last night.  I decided to work on the blended filiment stitches first to get them out of the way.  As I'm stitching, I'm daydreaming about my next project.

I've  been practicing for TUSAL 2012!  This is my jar since Thanksgiving, a little bit of knitting and a lot of cross stitching.  Still looking for my pretty glass jar to display them.

Ok, if hubby is going to wrap Christmas gifts (well, put them in gift bags) then I better get the tree up.  We have a tiny living room so our tree is also tiny.  It's about 2.5 ft. tall and decorated mostly with beaded things.  He wanted to know how many things I've gotten him so he could keep things kind of even.  I giggled and said none yet.  Of course, he didn't believe me but...  I haven't.hahaha!
I'm planning on getting some things next week as well as make him something. 

Back to my stitch and a Christmas movie.  I love December!
What is TUSAL?  For a full description check here: http://itsdaffycat.blogspot.com/2011/11/totally-useless-stitch-long.html
After looking at several bloggers and seeing what has been happening in the stitching world, I've decided to join the fun.  I never thought of keeping my thread scraps to monitor progress but it looks fun.  And all the stitching projects currently in progress out there in blogland is amazing.  I have been truly inspired to get the needle moving again.  In fact I'm almost
done with Christmas ornament 7 that I just started night before last and can hardly wait to get going again this morning. 
So, Christmas movies-on, needle and floss threaded and ready, computer off.  GO!

    Vickie Morgan

    I'm a retired music teacher always looking for outlets to satisy my creative needs.  Here in the mountains of Colorado, nature provides lots of inspiration.

    The view from my house, can you see the angel?


    Plus, if you click on this link, you'll automatically receive a gift when you subscribe. I use this site all the time; there are hundreds of all different types of patterns, and there are new patterns added everyday. It's really worth a look.

    TUSAL 2012

    Totally Useless Stich-A-Long.  Join the fun here
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