Wow!  For a retired person I sure have been busy.  My business is picking up a bit, including designings a couple websites.  It takes time to get them going, lots of fiddling around with pictures, resizing, and content.  And I started a new part-time job at the local fabric and yarn shop.  Boy was I tired last night when I got home from my first full day.  But it was lots of fun! 
I have been stitching in the evenings and some afternoons.  I have decided to work on the BIG cross stitch project in the afternoons and save evenings for smaller things that don't take so much concentration (DH expects me to be watching TV with him).  I did finish a WIP a couple nights ago.
I picked this kit up at a garage sale early last summer and thought it looked like a fun project and the price was right - I think it was all of $.50, maybe a dollar.  Everything was there and I got busy sorting the floss colors right away.  After finishing all the crosses, the daunting task of outlining began.  So many lines on the pattern was confusing but eventually it got done.  In looking back, I think I should have done some of the outlining as I finished a section then I wouldn't have put it off and the picture would have been finished much sooner.

< A cute little pot of flowers I found in a craft magazine.  It will make a cute journal cover.

A progress report on my BIG >
project.  I'm almost halfway thru the 2nd page of directions.  The holes you see need a color I don't have.  As soon as I get it I can fill them in.
I know it's January but my cherry tomato plant seems to be so happy taking over the dining room table that it keeps giving me little tomatoes.  I don't have the heart to get rid of it when it's doing this well. 

And finally a day early,  my ORT jar picture for TUSAL.  I can't believe how many old ratty threads I've collected this month.  If you're wondering about ORT's and TUSAL check out this link.

New Year


It's already several days into the new year but the cross stitching has gone on.  I have also been doing some work for a local fabric/yarn shop.  The weather has been pretty mild and the snow is hard and crusty.  My driveway is like a skating rink at times.  So it's probably best that I stay home and stitch.  And my ORT jar is getting a good start for 2012.  I'll be posting a picture soon.
Here's a cute little Sock Monkey I finished for the store I sew for.  Kept thinking of my young friend, Hannah and her crazy socks as I was making it.

I also finished a small sample of a flannel rag quilt for display at the store.

I decided to jump into a large project I found online.  If I have calculated correctly I will need to do almost 68,000 cross stitches to finish this.  I don't think I've ever done anything so big!   Check out .  They have a good selection of free patterns.

This is what I've been working on in the evening while watching TV.  I needed something easier and requiring a little less concentration than the "big" one.  It's a pattern I found online somewhere, can't remember where, but you can be assured it was probably free. :)  It was stitched in just a couple evenings.

And one more, I finished stitching this book mark on Sat. and just need to trim it with lace and iron on a backing.  It's always fun to add a little sparkle with beads .  This was also a pattern I found in a magazine somewhere.  I really should write down my sources.

    Vickie Morgan

    I'm a retired music teacher always looking for outlets to satisy my creative needs.  Here in the mountains of Colorado, nature provides lots of inspiration.

    The view from my house, can you see the angel?


    Plus, if you click on this link, you'll automatically receive a gift when you subscribe. I use this site all the time; there are hundreds of all different types of patterns, and there are new patterns added everyday. It's really worth a look.

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